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TED x Taipei

July 31, 2014



1998 被聘到喬治盧卡斯導演的工業光魔特效公司,擔任藝術指導,參與星際大戰1和科學怪人的­製作,在佈景,風格,3D模型設計及數位光影等多種特殊領域皆有獨特的展現。


2004 年自行創業,成立卡動影業,擔任總裁至今。近年來埋首創作一系列著作,已完成的有 “夢中的巨葉”,”火魚”,”喬­丹的訪客”,”國王的盛宴”,”魔麗樹”等。

2013 完成 “別把鑽石當玻璃珠”,商業週刊出版。

Disney illustrator, Founder of Kendu Films

Kendu Films founder Davy Liu immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. He struggled through most of his academic years as he tried to associate into the western culture. He found comfort in art and his artistic talents landed him awards at the national level.

At age 19, Davy was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation and was assigned to classic films such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Mulan,” and “The Lion King”. He later joined Warner Brothers to work on Space Jam and Quest of Camelot. In 1998, he was offered an art director position at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic. There, his projects included Star Wars Episode I and Frankenstein.

In year 2000, Davy resumed the role as an illustrator, and his pieces were featured in the pages of Business Week, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. He continued to work on projects with Disney as well as ads for Super Bowl. Davy’s achievements earned him the title: Most Distinctive Illustrator of 2000.

Davy founded Kendu Films in 2004. His recent works include the picture book series “Invisible Tails”.

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